Customizable Reports for Pet Businesses

The best way to understand your Website, SEO & Marketing so you can make the right decisions.

Top Data Source Integrations

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google Business Profile



Google Ads

Facebook Insights


Analytics CAN be this EASY!

1. Sign Up

Choose your plan and any add-on data sources.

2. Data Source Access

You will recieve a link to an Onboarding Form so we can gain access to all of the necessary data sources for your plan.

3. Account Setup

Once we have the data sources, we will setup your reporting account, make sure all sources are collecting data properly for about 1 month before sending off your first report.

4. Receive a Monthly Email

You will receive your first report at the end of your billing period and gain access to an intuitive dashboard with historical data. Ex: If you signup on Jan 15th, your first report will be sent out on Feb 14th.

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