You will receive your first report at the end of your billing period.

Example: If you signup on Jan 15th, your first report will be sent out on Feb 14th. This gives us time to get your account setup, and collect data from all sources for a month to give you the best results and recommendations if you are on the Premium Plan.

If you signup on the 29th, 30th or 31st, your report will be sent on the 28th of the month. 

Send us an email with what source/metric you would like added and we can check/send custom quote.

It definitely has potential to help improve your SEO strategy, when the data is implemented correctly.

We cannot guarantee results as we have no control over how well (or if) a client closes deals, how good your competitors marketing is, how well a client’s website copy converts, the quality of content produced, how well the recommended tasks/changes were implemented, or whether a client’s marketing strategy, accountability, and many other factors outside of our control are applied.

The above factors can all affect the outcome/performance of implementing our recommendations but our reporting can help you track Key Performance Indictors (KPIs), find areas of improvement and track progress.

If you would like to upgrade or downgrade, please send an email to info@petbizreports.com with the request and the new plan will begin at your next billing cycle.

Since our service offering is non-tangible, irrevocable goods, we do not issue refunds after the product/service is delivered. 

Our subscription is month-to-month prepaid services, so you can cancel at anytime and it will take effect the next billing cycle.

Example: If you are charged on January 1st, your subscription payment covers January 1 – 31. If you cancel on January 15, you will not be refunded but will have access until Jan 31; your account will then not be renewed on February 1, will be cancelled, and data will be deleted.

Yes! We work with all website builders (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify etc..) as long as you have Google Analytics Connected!

We can send you instructions to install on your website but if you need help connecting these to your sources, there will be an additional setup cost as this isn’t included in the Set Up Fee.

If you have them setup, they may appear in some reports. If you are interested in Conversion Tracking but need help setting up conversion tracking on your website (form conversions, Calendly sign up conversions, buttons clicks etc..) or any other advanced tracking metrics, please email info@propetware.com and we will get a quote for Advanced Analytics Reporting.

At this time we do not provide implementation services.

If you are a Barketing Client on a Standard or Plus monthly plan, you can open a support ticket for any website related task. (This does not include any any off-site SEO tasks or content writing)

The Virtual Petprenuer can help with some administrative and marketing related tasks like: social media, newsletter, local blogging strategy etc..

If you need help with Google Business Profile, we recommend PetSitterSEO.

Otherwise, you could contact your webmaster, social media manager, or Virtual Assistant to help you implement any changes.